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I am Lauren. I am a web developer

I'm a Nashville native with an adventurous spirit. As a result, I spent a few years living in Chicago and a short time in Colorado. I'm currently residing back in Nashville and excited to see how much the city has grown.

While living in Chicago, I earned my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, with a focus in Higher Education Administration, at DePaul University. My prior experience includes Records and Data Management while working as a College Registrar, as well as Operations and Human Resources Management.

My most recent endeavor led me to Nashville Software School where I spent six months learning to code. This has been both the hardest thing and one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Although I had no experience in software development prior to embarking on the journey that is NSS, I have discovered a real enthusiasm for the process. I have learned a lot but I'm excited to learn more. Because there are a lot of things I still don't know.


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web development

While at NSS, I've gained experience with building browser-based single page applications using React, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. I spent the last half of the program learning C#/.NET and SQL.


I've been an amateur photographer for as long as I can remember. It has served me well as an unwavering creative outlet. Although my cats find themselves frequent subjects, I love taking pictures of just about anything.

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This was my front end capstone for NSS. MixIt was built with React, JSON Server, CSS and Bootstrap. I built MixIt for home bartenders who need a better way to keep up with drink recipes. This app features full CRUD functionality. See more details about this project in GitHub.

City Cache

This was my final capstone for NSS. City Cache is a full stack C#/.NET MVC app. Because of my time in Chicago, friends often ask for recommendations when visiting. City Cache allows users to easily discover local favorites. This app is live!

Bangazon ERD

For this project I built the ERD and initial data model for the fictional company, Bangazon, LLC. Because the back end course at NSS is modeled after an actual company, building the ERD was a critical part of the planning process. See more details about this project in GitHub.

MusicHistory SQL

This project was an introduction to SQL. My task was to write queries in order to retrieve data from the MusicHistory database. See more details about this project in GitHub.

Chicago IL

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Brevard NC

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Chicago IL

Chicago IL



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NSS Instruction Team

A huge thank you to the instruction staff at NSS. Special thanks to Jisie, Steve, Emily, and Jordan. Thanks for your kindness and patience. And thank you for celebrating our small victories (no matter how small they were) along the way. Cohort 26 was lucky to have you on our side.

NSS Cohort 26

Thanks to Cohort 26 for being such awesome people. I'm so thankful I was part of this team. Special thanks to anyone I ever went to for help because you were all amazing and so generous with your time and knowledge.


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Nashville, TN